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Does anybody know how to fix a “object required” script error for internet explorer 7?

Posted by Alin D on July 16, 2010

Windows 7 Script

Does anybody know how to fix a “object required” script error for internet explorer 7?
I have just recently bought an hp laptop with windows vista on it, but for some reason I keep getting this error when I go on my school website. In particular this happens when I go to the group discussion forum which is html. It will not allow me to input any text and come up with a page error that reads:
line: 952
char: 11
error: object required
code: 0
Please help me. This is preventing from being able to turn in assignments. I do not have this issue with the school computers which have internet explorer 6.

Best answer:

Answer by ~*Stephanie S
Vista isn’t compatible with a lot of things. You’ll likely have to use your school computers to turn in your assignments. (The group discussion forum is not HTML– it has to be backed by a database, and must utilize back-end languages to communicate with the database. It’s possible that Vista isn’t compatible with your school’s server.)

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