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BranchCache in windows 2012

Posted by Alin D on November 9, 2012

Windows Server 2012 BranchCache feature provide IT administrators to optimize bandwidth between remote offices. Optimizing WAN links when end users access files on remote sites over WAN, BrachCache technology allows caching of these contents. At remote sites, data is stored on a dedicated BranchCache server as an offline copy. You may also store this cache data across client computers in smaller deployments. When clients try to access the data in the central office, BrachCache transparently redirect clients to the local copy. This provides a lot faster service compared to going over the WAN link.

BranchCache allows IT administrators to:

  • Implement a distributed infrastructure with reliable access to data in central office
  • Support cloud solutions where WAN connection is not running at optimal speed
  • Save cost by reducing the bandwidth used by clients.
  • Implement WAN optimization with native Microsoft solutions


BranchCache Operation Modes

Distributed Cache Mode This mode spreads the cache data across clients in the branch office. Ideal for small environment where there’s no infrastructure in the branch office.



  • Allows cost savings
  • Utilize existing storage for cache


  • Optimization doesn’t work across subnets
  • Cache is not always available
Hosted Cache Mode As name indicates, cache data is stored on a dedicated server in the branch office. This is a recommended mode for larger branch offices.



  • Cache data is always available
  • Optimization works across subnets


  • Requires a dedicated server so more costs
  • Needs IT personal for maintenance




BranchCache Supported Applications

Microsoft BranchCache is compatible with following application servers

  • MS IIS Servers w/ BranchCache feature installed
  • MS File Servers w/ BranchCache feature installed
  • Application servers that utilizes BITS, Background Intelligent Transfer Service

BranchCache Improvements in Windows Server 2012

  • BranchCache now supports unlimited number of hosted branchcache sites
  • Better optimization with Windows Server 2012 File servers and web servers
  • Optimization achieved by segmenting files in smaller chunks
  • Automated client configuration for distributed mode with GPO.
  • Cached information on remote sites are not encrypted by default
  • Dedup within BrachCache data, only a single copy of the duplicate content is cached

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